Meal Prep

Creating and preparing ready to heat and eat meals for nutritional diets.



We use fresh, local and organic ingredients whenever possible, plus our meals are packaged in biodegradable containers as we are an eco-friendly business. 

All the meals are nutritionally balance by our head nutritional chef and we create new exciting dishes with all the health principles in mind, so you can rest assured when you eat Paradoxic food it's as healthy as it can be with regard to full nutrition.

As we cook all the food and design it within Paradoxic the menu is an example as we will regularly change the meals for customer satisfaction but our signature meals stay on daily.



White Potato, Sweet Potato, Quinoa, Pearl Barley, Bulgar Wheat, Brown Rice, Black Rice, Cous Cous and Whole Wheat Pasta.


Chicken, Beef, Turkey, White Fish, Oily Fish, Tuna, Kangaroo, Lean Pork and Prawns.


Beans, Pulses, Lentils, Buckwheat, Chia and Soy.
(with the plant based protein we combine 2 or more vegetable and/or carbohydrates to make up a complete protein. This means ample health effect after working out.)


Available plans

Ask one of our chefs today which plan would suit you best and how you can take control of what you feed your body with. 



Figure Foodies

Perfected weight loss or management meal group with lower protein and less healthy fats for one who needs support in healthy living.

Champions Cuisine

Our fitness meal group is made with finer tuned carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats to support muscle repair and high activity.


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We require 24 hours before date of preparation.

Meals can be picked up in our Darwin store or delivered within Darwin City for an extra fee.

All information given is kept confidential.


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