We specialise in catering for people with nutritional diet ideals and/or athletes and fitness enthusiasts who need to eat perfectly balanced and structured meals.


Paradoxic is a team of specialist nutritional chefs with a wide range of culinary knowledge, providing great wholesome nutritional food.

The founder of Paradoxic has over 10 years in the industry as a professional chef and a niche skill set for health and nutritional catering, including qualifications as a nutritionist.


Paradoxic ethos

Designed with nutrition in mind

Not only do we intend to provide nutritional food to our customers, but we aim to look after the environment with plant based biodegradable and recycled packaging. 

Organic, locally sourced ingredients & herbs

We use organic ingredients as much as we can, we source local produce when possible and we use environmentally friendly containers and support charitable causes.

No highly processed ingredients

We soak our beans and do not use any processed vegetables to produce our meals. 

We can all make a difference in reducing the negative environmental effects.
— Sophie Eva Gardner

Environmentally conscious

We know the retail, catering and hospitality industry can cause great negative effects to this with excessive packaging's and the high use of power and fuels to produce food.

With that in mind we do our best to reduce these effects as much as possible within our specific area of trade.

A great deal of effort is in place to recycle, minimise waste and use recycled and biodegradable packaging products.

The biodegradable food containers and packaging are derived from the waste fibres of plants which means they are completely compost-able and much safer to the environment, including the benefit of keeping the Earth's trees safe.

We use recycled and biodegradable packaging for our products. We also love to recycle everything we can, in the effort to reduce wastage of the Earth's valuable resources with a few simple steps.

This is just a small part of our business ethos and we strive to continue to make responsible changes to our business practices for the future of our company.